MOVING Rose-NV has now expanded and moved from Duston to Abington; we’re now within HALO hairdressing at 5 Collingwood Rd, NN1 4QZ - that’s between Abington Avenue and Ashburnham Rd, the turning by the BP Garage / M&S shop, opposite the Northamptonshire County Cricket Club and County pub. Please visit me here, where you’ll receive a very warm welcome! Parking outside. Waiting space outside my clinic door - please help yourself to refreshments.
Please select 30mins for MDA (after your initial session).
Please select ONE hour for ALL treatments, your first MDA (as we need a consultation) and all subsequent COMCITS.
Please select TWO hours for first COMCIT or a FULL BODY MASSAGE
Thank you Cathy x
PS Please also look out for our first Rose-NV monthly e-newsletter with monthly offers on products and treatments! Then ideas on how to solve your present problems for the Festive Party season. Lots of lovely gift packs, gift vouchers - all on our new e-shop.

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